30MILES - Small port every 30 miles apart - Development of services for lively water tourism in the Eastern Gulf of Finland

The project 30MILES aims at improving the overall service level and safety in small ports and waterfront.

Active Age - Equal access of long-term unemployed seniors to labour market in rural areas

ENDED_The common challenge of the Setomaa region in Estonia and the Engure and Ape regions in Latvia is to improve the social well-being of long-term unemployed local seniors.

ACUCARE - Acute Team in Youth Psychiatric Services Targeted to the Residential Child Care

ENDED_ACUCARE´s objective is to develop vocational e-course trainings for nursing-, social work and social educator students to create more aligned joint VET programs among partner countries.


ADAPT - Assuring Depth of fairways for Archipelago Public Transportation

The project ADAPT addresses a cross-border challenge connected to attaining the joint and efficient public transportation system in the archipelagos.

ARC - Active Refugees in the Community

The ARC project aims at engaging immigrants with refugee background in meaningful activities and interaction with the local community through providing them with systematic guidance in practical ac

Archipelago Partnerships - Archipelago - strategic partnerships for business development

The project Archipelago - strategic partnerships for business development, also knows as Archipelago business development, aims at developing new business models in the archipelago by forming partnerships between entrepreneurs and start-up companies in Finland (including Aland Islands) and Sweden. 

Augmented Urbans - Visionary, Participatory Planning and Integrated Management for Resilient Cities

Cities around the world have identified the need for better integrated participatory urban management to bridge their long-term visions and objectives into practical urban development actions.

BALTACAR - Baltic History Beneath Surface: Underwater Heritage Trails In Situ and Online

The project aims at demonstrating the huge tourism potential of the underwater Baltic Sea cultural heritage by developing easy and convenient ways for visiting our unique and well preserved underwater sites in situ.

Baltic Urban Lab - Baltic Urban Lab - Integrated Planning and Partnership Model for Brownfield Regeneration

The project Baltic Urban Lab aims at improving urban planning by developing and testing new integrated models for brownfield regeneration.

Baltic Wings - Baltic Wings - nature tourism for sustainable rural economic development

In the European context the Central Baltic region has great natural resources with relatively untouched wildlife areas, but is still rather unknown to nature tourists.

BATSECO-BOAT - Best Available Technologies of Sewage Collecting for Boat Tourism

Small boat ports located in the Baltic Sea are fascinating for both national and international visitors; many of them, explore the area using small leisure boats.

BELT - Baltic Entrepreneurship Laboratories

The BELT project creates new joint Central Baltic companies and cooperation between start-ups in the Central Baltic region.

BLASTIC - Plastic waste pathways into the Baltic Sea

The BLASTIC project aims at reducing plastic waste and thereby hazardous substances inflow into the Baltic Sea by mapping and monitoring litter levels in the aquatic environment.

BOOSTED - Boosting tourism business growth through higher vocational education

The project aligns higher vocational tourism education with the needs of the tourism industry and labour market in Finland, Estonia and Latvia into a new, joint curriculum and study. Through the project, relevant skillsets are identified, aligned and translated into a VET curriculum.

CAITO - Meta cluster for attracting the Japanese tourism market

​In the Central Baltic region, tourist visits from neighbouring countries have declined in some areas. To face this challenge, clusters with skills, knowledge and the understanding required to enter new markets are needed.

CB 4 GameCamps - Central Baltic Game Camps – development of new type Gaming sector’s joint ventures accelerator for CBR

The CB region is characterized by significant differences in economic development. Regions of Sweden and Finland belong to the group of the most developed regions within EU. 

CB HealthAccess - Access to Distant Markets in Health and Wellness

The existing e-health and life-science clusters see a clear need for a cross-border meta-cluster to solve common challenges of supporting expansion of their innovative companies.

CB2East - Central Baltic Cleantech Clusters expanding to East of EU markets.

The project CB2East aims at strengthening the Central Baltic Region’s economic competitiveness by creating commercially targeted open innovation platforms between Latvia and Finland.

CBEwB - Central Baltic Student Enterprises without Borders

The objective of the CBEwB project is to have more entrepreneurial youth in the Central Baltic region.

CLUSME - Chances and challenges of cluster-based marketing in mechatronics

The objective of the CLUSME project is to increase export volumes and the competitiveness of Estonian and Finnish mechanical engineering and mechatroncis sector through cluster initiative and commo

Coast4us - Coast4us

Marine and coastal areas, face similar environmental and spatial planning challenges in the Baltic Sea Region.

CoMe Strong - Connecting Men and Stronger Local Communities

The CoMe Strong project aims at activating inactive men aged 45-75, especially those who risk social exclusion.

CoMET - Internationally competitive maritime education for modern seagoing and high quality port services

Seafaring and maritime operations are under constant development; digitalisation, safety and renewed environmental regulations being the most significant factors requiring readiness for change from

Crea-RE - Creating aligned studies in Resource Efficiency

Crea-RE aligns and produces contents on resource-efficiency to be used in environmental vocational education and training programmes (VET) in a partnership consistin

CROSS - Cross-border cooperation on mentoring and peer support for immigrants

ENDED_The main objective of this project is to enhance social inclusion of people with Estonian immigrant background living in Finland through project activities and exchange of experience between project partners.

DeDiWe - The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services

ENDED_The project DeDiWe aims at developing digital health and welfare services by creating a new curriculum.

DefenceArch - Footprints of Defence in the Archipelago

The Archipelagos of Stockholm, Åland and Turku are well-known natural tourist attraction. However, accessibility is still weak.

DigiYouth - Enhancing youth entrepreneurship with cross-border startups and digital technologies

DigiYouth project aims to develop entrepreneurship and cross-border cooperation skills of Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Swedish youngsters (aged 14–19) by supporting the creation of start-up type

DSB - Social inclusion of people with problematic sexual behaviour

The DSB project deals with Deviant Sexual Behaviour (DSB) which is a problem for roughly 10% of the population, and half of those people pose a societal threat which needs to be fought.

E-TICKETING - Creation of the interoperability between the electronic ticketing systems in Estonia and Finland

Estonia and Finland are one of the most closely connected countries in Europe.

EDU-RAIL - Harmonised and Modernised Multidisciplinary Railway Education

The project EDU-RAIL aims at reducing fragmentation of railway engineering, transport and logistics vocational education and training programmes in the region.

EDU-SMEs - Curriculum alignment and cross-border cooperation with SMEs

ENDED_The project EDU-SMEs aims at developing a better matching between the graduates’ competencies and companies’ needs in the Central Baltic region.

EfficientFlow - Efficient flow of goods and passangers between Finland and Sweden

The Baltic Sea Region is in need of efficient transportation solutions.

EmpowerKids - Health education and social advice for low-income families with young children

The project ‘EmpowerKids’ addresses the problem of social exclusion, inadequate health information and social advice among children from low-income families in Estonia, Finland and Latvia.

FamilyPorts - Green and Family-friendly Archipelago Ports

The project will make a joint architectural vision for small ports in Nagu, Dalsbruk, Lickershamn and Ronehamn, to address the need for high-quality, green, functional and accessible services. 

FEM (Female Estonian Migrant) - Unlocking the Potential of Estonian Migrant Women

ENDED_This project identifies the main challenges Estonian women who have immigrated to Finland have to face; compared to local residents they are socially and economically more vulnerable and face more problems often difficult to foresee.  

FINEEX Music - Boosting music industry exports to Japan through cross-sectoral collaboration

The FINEEX Music project (also known as Finest Sounds) facilitates the joint development of cross-sectoral services and products and opening of new export opportunities in Japan for the Finnish and Estonian music industry and for other sectors for which export cooperation with the music industry can bring added value.

FinEst Link - Finnish Estonian Transport Link

The FinEst Link project focuses on the vastly growing transport connection between Finland - Estonia and Helsinki – Tallinn, which forms a unique cross-border case of twin cities in the EU. 

FinEstSmartMobility - Improving West Harbour - Old City Harbour mobility flows with smart solutions

The ferry connection between Helsinki West Harbor and Tallinn Old City Harbor is one of the busiest in the world with over 8 million annual passengers. Until now, neither common mobility planning nor cross-border Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions have been implemented.

Gardens - Gardens of Possibilities – inclusion through urban gardening

“Gardens of Possibilities” is an urban gardening project, where rehabilitation, education and job training are combined.

GreenAgri - Environmentally-friendly Management of Organic Fertilizers in Agriculture

The project GreenAgri aims at reducing nutrient losses from agriculture in Baltic States by introducing and testing environmentally-friendly management of organic fertilizers.

HANSA - Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances

Cross-border cooperation is the only way to give impact for small destinations on the international tourism market.

HEAT - Participatory urban planning for healthier urban communities

The HEAT project, realized by partners from Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden addresses the problem of fragmented urban planning and cycling infrastructure.

HEAWATER - Achieving healthier water quality in urban small rivers of the Baltic Sea catchment by restoration of water bodies and preventing of nutrients and hazardous substances inflow from watersheds.

Local authorities located on the Baltic Sea coastal areas face the same challenges regarding small urban water bodies and their watersheds.

HPP - Aligning professional future-oriented training on health promotion to boost development and economic growth in Läänemaa and Helsinki-Uusimaa regions

Our aim is to conduct a survey in Finland and Estonia about skill demands in the health promotion sector, to develop a training strategy for vocational education and applied higher education providers.

ICT Meta Cluster - Central Baltic ICT - Export Meta Cluster

The ICT SMEs within the Central Baltic countries are in a challenging situation due to a very small size of fiercely competed domestic markets making it necessary to penetrate into new markets.

IHMEC - Opening indoor hygiene SME’s exports to Middle East construction markets

Novel solutions are desperately needed to prevent the global spreading of serious infections.

INSURE - Innovative Sustainable Remediation

The project INSURE aims at decreasing the impact of hazardous substances to the environment from contaminated sites.

ITSVET - ICT Security in VET

The project ITSVET aims at developing a model for providing ICT security skills on the vocational education level.

iWater - Integrated Storm Water Management

The project iWater aims at improving urban planning by developing integrated storm water management in Central Baltic cities.

Lakesperience - Explore the Nordic-Baltic lakes

Lakes are an important part of culture in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. They have a significant recreational value and potentiality as tourist attractions.

LEF network to China - Creation of export support co-operation network to China in Latvia-Estonia-Finland cross-border region

China’s market is growing steadily and market demands wood products with added value.

Let us be active! - Social inclusion of older people through volunteering in Estonia, Latvia and Finland

ENDED_The project ‘Let us be active!’ aims at decreasing social exclusion and loneliness among older people in Estonia, Finland and Latvia through involving them in voluntary work.

LightsOn! - Lights On!

The Estonian and Finnish culture have been in a constant interaction since prehistoric time.

Live Baltic Campus - Campus Areas as Labs for Participative Urban Design

The project Live Baltic Campus aims at developing campuses as innovation hubs by creating better urban environment for businesses and residents and thus contributing to new job creation in the local economy.

LiviHeri - Living with Cultural Heritage

The goal of the project LiviHeri is to learn how to live, maintain and cherish a historical town while preserving its characteristic environment and liveability.

MASAPO - Development of Maritime Safety in the Small Ports in the Baltic Sea Region

ENDED_The project MASAPO aims at developing maritime safety in small ports in the Baltic Sea Region.

MobiCarnet - MobiCarnet: integrated system for automated and paperless management of transit documents and for tracking movement of goods in real-time.

ENDED_The project MobiCarnet aims at improving the transport flows of goods and reducing the time-consumption of the movement of goods in three strategic transport corridors betwee

MUCH MORE - Skills for social and working life for the middle-aged men with past addiction problems

The overall objective of the MUCH MORE project is to contribute to improved social inclusion and health of middle-aged men with a past addiction problem,  who want to stay away from alcohol.

NATTOURS - Sustainable urban nature routes using new IT solutions

The big cities around the Baltic Sea are mainly well known for their built and historical districts but the cities can also boast about the biodiversity richness and high value of nature in urban a

NatureBizz - Business and Wellness from Green Economy Growth

Because of an increasing demand for natural, healthy and ecological products, enterpreneurs are getting closer to the green movement and the.

NNFA - North Star Film Alliance After careful consideration the project has changed its name from "New Nordic Film Alliance" to "North Star Film Alliance" to avoid confusion with one film festival. Nevertheless the project acronym will stay the same - NNFA.

The main aim of the cross-border cooperation project "North Star Film Alliance" is to substantially increase exports within the film production sector in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

NURED - Nurse Education Development

The aim of the project is to develop 2 curricula (CC) in the field of Home Care Nursing/Nurse (HCN/RN) within the Central Baltic region. 

NUTRINFLOW - Practical actions for holistic drainage management for reduced nutrient inflow to Baltic Sea

The project NUTRINFLOW aims at reducing nutrient losses from agriculture to the immediate watershed and into the Baltic Sea.

NutriTrade - Piloting a Nutrient Trading Scheme in the Central Baltic

The project NutriTrade aims at reducing nutrients in the Baltic Sea area by piloting a nutrient trading scheme in the Central Baltic region.

OnBoard-Med - OnBoard-Med, Harmonization of on Board Medical Treatment, Occupational Safety and Emergency Skills in Baltic Sea Shipping

The shipping industry has become multinational, therefore recognising problems in education cannot easily be solved on a national level. A cross-border approach is needed to tackle the issue. 

PAD - Positive attitude development - access to labour market for young adults with mental health problems

ENDED_The project PAD aims at influencing public attitudes to become more positive towards young people suffering from mental health and social problems.

PIM - Development of Parent Involvement Models for Bilingual Pre- and Primary School

ENDED_The PIM project aims at supporting bilingual education for children in Russian-speaking minority groups in Estonia, Finland and Latvia by developing parent involvement models

Plan4Blue - Maritime Spatial Planning for Sustainable Blue Economies

The Plan4Blue project promotes sustainable planning and management of marine and coastal areas of the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea by developing a Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) capacity. This aim will be achieved by setting up a cross-border collaboration in the field for this area.

PortMate - Safely connected and sustainable small ports in Central Baltic region

Currently common challenges for small ports especially in archipelago and islands are 1) limitations in safe access arrival, stay and departure the port due to less experienced seafarers as we

PRIME - Promoting Integration for Young Migrants

The PRIME project addresses the urgent need of supporting the social, cultural and labour market integration of young recently arrived migrants between ages 18-30.

REFEC - Reinforcing Eastern Finland-Estonia Transport Corridor

The heavy vehicle traffic (trucks and trailers) on ferries over the Gulf of Finland has been ever increasing and the trend is estimated to continue.  There are two ferry routes between Finland

REGI - Reacting to Growing Immigration - Strengthening social inclusion of Estonian migrant families in Finland and Estonia

ENDED_The project REGI supports Estonian migrant families divided between Estonia and Finland due to work-related reasons.

RIBS - Rolling Images in Business Startups

A common challenge in rural societies is that young people move away from their local communities in order to find work and education. By making entrepreneurship more attractive for the youth they could make a living in their local communities.

SAFHY - Safety and Hygiene - safer environment

ENDED_The project SAFHY aims at developing labour skills of cleaning service and health care services in Estonia and Finland by aligning curricula and training material both for vo

SEABASED - Seabased Measures in Baltic Sea Nutrient Management

Although nutrient load from land-based sources to the sea has been reduced significantly over the years, good ecological status has not been reached partly due to the large amount of internal loadi

SEASTOP - Modern ports in historic waters

SEASTOP enables infrastructure investment in 21 small ports in the Stockholm/Åland/Turunmaa archipelago.

SimE - Simulation pedagogy in learning ethics in practice in health care

The overall objective of the SimE project is to improve nursing students’ ethical competence by creating three common study courses in order to develop more aligned VET programmes.

SIPPE - Promoting Social Inclusion of Elderly through Well-being Parties

ENDED_The project SIPPE aims at increasing the well-being and social inclusion of the elderly by offering them better possibilities for voluntary work and participation in the soci

SMART E67 - Advanced traffic management on E67 transport corridor

The project SMART E67 aims at increasing efficiency and safety of passenger and cargo mobility in the Central Baltic region by introducing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) on a key transport cor

Smart Marina - Contemporary harbours with soft energy technology

To plan a trip spontaneously, it is crucial to be able to find reliable information.

SmartLog - Smart Logistics and Freight Villages Initiative

The management of manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries are facing a substantial change, as new technologies are constantly developed. The change will affect how logistics providers of all sizes operate. 

SmartPorts - Modern and attractive small ports network through cross-border interactive information system, joint marketing and improved port services

ENDED_The project SmartPort aims at improving and integrating network of small ports via modern information and communication technology.

SmartZoos - Cross-border services for creative adventure learning in the zoos of the Central Baltic Region

The main objective of the SmartZoos project is to integrate the zoos of the CB region to form a joint tourist attraction through developing, implementing and joint marketing of a cross-border service package of creative adventure learning with mobile devices (SmartZoo service package).

SME Aisle - Exports of clusters of CB economic strengths shipbuilding, maritime, renewable energy, automation and ICT to Namibia as a stable point of entry to the Southern African markets

CB region companies in Finland incl. Åland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden have strong competences in maritime clusters (shipbuilding, maritime& logistics, renewable energy, automation, ICT).

SME2GO - Central Baltic Region Smart City Solutions for Global Cities

Cities play a significant role in our efforts to reduce the effects of global climate change. Smart cities and innovative urban environments will be the main target of investments in e.g.

SPARKS - Sparkling Startups

ENDED_The vision of this small project is to establish a common methodology and a cross-border cooperation culture that will result in more joint and co-operating companies in the near future. This will be done using a range of methods, including mentoring, staff exchange, study visits and matchmaking.

Springboard - Central Baltic Startup Springboard

A cross-border business acceleration process is needed to be able to compete with regions with stronger startup scene.

St Olav Waterway - St Olav Waterway

The aim of this project is to create a pilgrim route, "St Olav Waterway", from Turku Finland to Åland Islands and Hudiksvall city in Sweden via the Archipelago.

STARPABS - Startup Passion in Baltic Sea Region

While it is widely acknowledged that an entrepreneurial career path is a viable avenue for employment in the times of economic restructuring, many Central Baltic regions have limited resources and

Sustainable Gateways - Small ports - sustainable gateways to coastal national parks

The Sustainable Gateways (SG) project develops small boat harbors located in national parks and nature reserves in the Finnish (4 harbors) and Swedish (3 harbors) outer archipelagoes.

SustainBaltic - ICZM Plans for Sustaining Coastal and Marine Human-ecological Networks in the Baltic Region

The aim of the project to ensure that sea-land interfaces are preserved and further developed. This is done by defining the most crucial planning criteria for the Integrated coastal zone Management (ICZM) plans.

Talsinki - Talsinki Metropolitan Incubation

The Talsinki Metropolitan Incubation project aims to facilitate the creation of 30 new joint Central Baltic knowledge intensive companies and co-operation between them in the Tallinn-Helsinki area

TheatreEx - Theatre Expanded.

ENDED_The project Theatre Expanded aims at raising competitiveness of freelance artists and independent companies.

UniLog - Developing Central Baltic University Level Professional Logistics Education

Various researches have shown that there is a clear lack of skilled logistics employees on all organizational levels in Central Baltic countries.

WATERCHAIN - Pilot watersheds as a practical tool to reduce the harmful inflows into the Baltic Sea.

The project WATERCHAIN helps to reduce inflows of nutrients and hazardous substances to the Baltic Sea from all types of land-based sources by using pilot watersheds and environmental technology.

YOUTH-SPORT-VOL - Better access to labour market for young unemployed through cross-border sport volunteers model

ENDED_The Central Baltic economies are experiencing high youth unemployment rates; it’s a challenge for young graduates to enter the labor market. The main obstacle is not so much identifiable with lack of education rather with lack of experience. One opportunity to receive work experience is to do voluntary work.