Safely connected and sustainable small ports in Central Baltic region

P3 Well-connected region

3.2. Improved services of existing small ports to improve local and regional mobility and contribute to tourism development

Archipelago and Islands

01.11.2016 - 31.12.2019

€2 725 455

€2 044 091

Project Summary:

ENDED. Currently common challenges for small ports especially in archipelago and islands are 1) limitations in safe access arrival, stay and departure the port due to less experienced seafarers as well as nature factors such as shallow and rocky routes, 2) lack of sustainable resource efficient services in ports, and 3) insufficient marketing activities separately in each port. In our project, these challenges are solved by mating the pilot small ports  with the sailing triangle from Rauma, FI through Sottunga and Kökar, ÅX to Gävle-Söderhamn region, SE. Rauma and Gävle are also official sister cities. These areas have huge potential for visitors to the area both by the nature values and urban services. However, these small ports need practical co-operative actions to improve local and regional mobility and contribute to tourism development.Our pilot small ports are owned and operated by the cities or private company in Rauma, FI, Sottunga and Kökar (ÅX) and Gävle and Söderhamn (SE).  The practical activities in pilot small ports are 1) formation of interactive step-by-step guidance by using ICT solutions, compatible with those existing used by the operators, for seafarers on safe arrival, stay and departure to/from the ports, 2) investments to sustainable and resource efficient infrastructure on land (e.g. solar energy, water, sanitation  and WIFI availability), 3) mating the small port operators with each other and with seafarers (local people and visitors) in the small ports to meet the needs for services and their availability as well as co-operation activities i.e. marketing.The PortMate will enhance safe access, suitable "green services" and joint marketing in small ports. The best practices on share of pilot small ports with good services will be expanded to other Central Baltic areas by an open access web-based ICT solution as well as in face-to-face  events. The result will be 19 Central Baltic small ports with improved services.

Lead Partner

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Country: FI


Partner budget: 640.581 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 480.435 EUR ERDF

Project Partners

Rauman kaupunki

Country: FI


Partner budget: 539.936 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 404.952 EUR ERDF

Gävle kommun

Country: SE


Partner budget: 463.486 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 347.614 EUR ERDF

Söderhamn kommun

Country: SE


Partner budget: 535.496 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 401.622 EUR ERDF

Sottunga kommun

Country: FI


Partner budget: 272.745 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 204.559 EUR ERDF

Kökar Havspaviljong Ab

Country: FI


Partner budget: 273.212 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 204.909 EUR ERDF

Expected results

Alltogether 19 Central Baltic small ports with improved safety and resource efficient services in a network of small ports. These small ports are:

- in Finland / City of Rauma: 1. Kylmäpihlaja, 2. Kuuskajaskari, 3. Petäjäs, 4. Poroholma, 5. Syväraumanlahti
- in Åland / Sottunga municipality: 6. Sottunga port, 7. Hästö, 8. Finnö, 9. Husö
- in Åland / Kökar Havspaviljongen Ab: 10. Hellsö, 11. Källskär, 12. Hamnö, 13. Kyrkogårdsö
- in Sweden / City of Gävle: 14. Gävle, 15. Furuviks gästhamn, 16. Axmar Brygga Havskrogs Gästhamn
- in Sweden / Söderhamn municipality: 17. city guest harbor, 18. Storjungfrun, 19. Enskär.

Every small port will be involved in the first level activity of improving safety with interactive ITC-based guidance material combined with availability to free WIFI connections. Second level activity as investments for advanced services are mainly targeted to "bigger" guest ports (1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 14, 17) to utilize the existing infrastructure and available technology. Every port will participate in third level activity on mating; marketing and networking with more small ports in the programme region.

These small ports provide higher standard and broader selection of sustainable, low carbon services with ICT solutions to serve new types of seafarers. As result, the small ports are safe places, where the sea meets the land and are high in significance as a meeting place and activities. PortMate enhances marketing efforts, attracts new visitors and make them aware of what the small ports offer, thus increasing prosperity and well-being of the region. Through cooperation with regional and local projects, we evolve and ensure that development efforts are coordinated and scalable to other small ports. The best practices on share of pilot small ports with good services will be expanded to other Central Baltic areas by an open access web-based ICT solution as well as face-to-face events of small ports.

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