Info and FAQ

Why is the results page empty?

The results of a project are not automatically transferred into the database. In addition to this, we want to publish the project results in, where they show what the project has concretely done and what kind of effect it has had. The best way to extract this information is from the final reports the projects are submitting after they have completed implementation. Alas, there is a delay between the project ending and having meaningful information available that can be inserted into the database. As for the indicator values, a tool is planned that will display the achieved values in a bar chart.

We are currently working on getting the results published from our first ended projects. We expect this to take place in 2019.

I'm interested in the list of operations

Please have a look at the list of operations page

There are xx projects, why do I only see xx-n?

We are working in this. The databse receives its data directly from the eMonitoring System and projects are only counted in, once they have been contracted. Thus, around calls the problems arises that there are accepted projects that have not yet been contracted. Due to this, the number remains lower than the actual number of projects until all have been contracted. This issue will be resolved for the third call.

Is there an introduction video for the database?

Yes there is. You can access it here:

I want to edit my project details

At the moment, only we at the JS can edit the projects. However, we are working actively to improve this and if there is a way for projects to do the updating themselves, we will let you know immediately! If you have updated information regarding your project (photos, links to newspaper articles, videos or other media visibility), please send them to or

There are features missing from the databse

The initial version of the project database was launched in August 2016. We are in the process of developing it further and this will also include new features and improvements to functionality. Changes are to be expected during 2017.