Info and FAQ

Why are there less results than ended projects?

Results are based on final reports submitted by the projects. The final report is not immediately available after the project has ended and it can take up to six months. Once the final report is available, we commence in writing the result. Why wait for the final report? It gives the most complete picture of what the project has done and also allows us to take into account possible additional results that weren't originally planned for. 

I'm interested in the list of operations

Please have a look at the list of operations page

There are xx projects, why do I only see xx-n?

The databse receives its data directly from the eMonitoring System and projects are only counted in, once they have been contracted. Thus, around calls there are accepted projects that have not yet been contracted. Due to this, the number remains lower than the actual number of projects until all have been contracted.

I want to edit my project details

At the moment, only we at the JS can edit the projects.

There are features missing from the databse

The initial version of the project database was launched in August 2016. The database is constantly improved  and we are always on the lookout for bug fixes, improved usability and new features. If you notice that something is not working right or you have ideas, you can send them to info at centralbaltic dot eu.

The partner map is not displaying correctly

Update, 20 November 2019: This is a known problem in the database and we are currently working to fix this. As a side effect, some partners for fourth call projects are missing as well. We expect full functionality by end of 2019.