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Equal access of long-term unemployed seniors to labour market in rural areas

P4 Skilled and socially inclusive region

4.1. More people benefiting from stronger Central Baltic communities

Central Baltic

01.03.2016 - 28.02.2018

€197 552

€167 919

Project Summary:

ENDED. The common challenge of the Setomaa region in Estonia and the Engure and Ape regions in Latvia is to improve the social well-being of long-term unemployed local seniors.
Decreasing population in rural areas is affecting negatively the local labor market. It’s critical that older generations stay economically active for longer. Currently 950 people belonging to the working age population in Setomaa, Ape and Engure regions have not worked in over a year. Many of them are older than 55 and have a weaker position in the labor market due to their age.

To tackle this problem, partners located in Estonia and Latvia decided to join their efforts, to develop a joint approach/action plan based on the real needs of unemployed seniors from cross-border areas.
The aim of the project is to create better possibilities to access the local labor market for long-term unemployed seniors aged 55+ from Setomaa, Engure and Ape regions. The objective will be achieved through the implementation of training activities for ca 100 unemployed seniors.

Participants will improve their skills and knowledge according to the real needs of local public and private sector. People with lower motivation and self-confidence will be both mentored and encouraged to participate in support groups.

In this context a People-to-people approach will be used, thus enabling seniors from 3 regions to meet and interact with each other, to learn from each other’s experiences and to develop ideas for the future.

Local municipalities play a key role in this process; they have identified a large group of people aged 55+ with low or no income, but having potential for participation in the local labor market. 

Lead Partner

MTÜ Setomaa Liit

Country: EE

Partner budget: 95.219 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 80.936 EUR ERDF

Project Partners

Apes Novada Dome

Country: LV

Partner budget: 52.151 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 44.328 EUR ERDF

Engures Novada Dome

Country: LV

Partner budget: 50.182 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 42.655 EUR ERDF

Expected results

As a result of the project Setomaa, Engure and Ape communities are stronger as the social well-being of local peole aged 55+ has been improved through higher employment and incomes. Ca 100 seniors have better access to local labour market as they have received new skills and knowledge meeting the real needs of local employees. More people with improved self-confidence and motivation to participate in labour market have learned from the experiences of other people being in similar situation. Using the potential of people living in Setomaa, Engure and Ape communities improves the cohesion between generations and affects its social capital.