CoMe Strong

Connecting Men and Stronger Local Communities

P4 Skilled and socially inclusive region

4.1. More people benefiting from stronger Central Baltic communities

Southern Finland - Estonia

01.10.2017 - 30.09.2019

€265 241

€207 317

Project Summary:

ENDED. The CoMe Strong project aims at activating inactive men aged 45-75, especially those who risk social exclusion. By improving their skills and knowledge that is useful in private life and on the labour market, their well-being and social inclusion will increase. All actions will be carried out in local level in order to build stronger local communities.

Initially, local kick-off events will be carried out, in which active local men are recruited as volunteers to take responsibility for the CoMe Strong Club actions. The volunteers will be trained to activate passive local men in the clubs in recreational and/or training activities. In addition, they will carry out small projects for the local community, such as school fence painting or freezing local an ice rink. These small projects will create new networks between men and the local community and promote stronger coherence. The CoMe Strong Clubs from Finland and Estonia will meet during summer for experience sharing and mutual learning. The Clubs will document their activities by filming short video-clips for communication purposes. As a result of the project, well-being and social inclusion of men is increased. The learnt skills can also be useful in the labour market.

Lead Partner

Turun ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

Country: FI

Partner budget: 153.393 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 115.045 EUR ERDF

Project Partners

Auralan Setlementti ry

Country: FI

Partner budget: 27.986 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 20.989 EUR ERDF

Tartu Ülikool

Country: EE

Partner budget: 83.863 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 71.283 EUR ERDF

Associated Partners

Perusturvakuntayhtymä Akseli

Country: FI

Expected results

As a result of CoMe Strong the local communities participated in the project have experienced several improvements. Participation of inactive men has increased and the social inclusion of them has multiplied. CoMe Strong clubs have created many networks in the local communities and men are active participants in those. In addition to increased well-being and social inclusion, participating men have also learnt skills useful in the labour market. As a concrete result of CoMe Strong project men in age group 45 – 75 have been encouraged to be the first CoMe Strong volunteers and they have done small and concrete projects in their own communities with other inactive men of the same age.
The first CoMe Strong club volunteers have been trained locally in their own communities. During the training they have gotten readiness to activate inactive men, who have risks of well-being and exclusion. All the men in clubs have got skills which are related to searching and doing different projects with local actors in the community. Training has continued all the time during the project. Training needs of men have been met in different situations. Border crossing exchange of knowledge and skills has happened also during the summer days organized both in Finland and in Estonia. Every participating local community has established at least one CoMe Strong club which has regular meetings with recreational activities and small useful projects going on with the different actors in the community.

CoMe Strong clubs have documented and presented their projects and other activities by filming video clips. Men have done the clips together with experts. The clips have been collected together and made for one document which describes the whole CoMe Strong process. This video document has been used as a main tool to disseminate the results of the project to other interested stakeholders to promote the transferability of the results. Clubs have very important role in the dissemination work.

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