Modern ports in historic waters

P3 Well-connected region

3.2. Improved services of existing small ports to improve local and regional mobility and contribute to tourism development

Archipelago and Islands

01.12.2017 - 28.02.2021

€3 779 336

€2 834 502

Project Summary:

SEASTOP enables infrastructure investment in 18 small ports in the Stockholm/Åland/Turunmaa archipelago. The main common challenge is to develop and broaden tourism and overnight stays by upgrading the service levels in the ports.

In order to make ports more attractive to visitors these challenges will be addressed by the various work packages. The work packages are based on the assessment of the visitor requirements that has been carried out in workshops with all local port operators through a bottom-up process. Priority is given to the most needed investments, taking into account the Central Baltic programme target values and result indicators. The cross-border approach enables the members to develop joint marketing and joint upgraded standards of quality for port services and safety. SEASTOP is related to the long joint history of the archipelago islands in the Central Baltic area.  Many of the ports were traditional stopover places on the “King Valdemar’s sailing route" in the 13th century. SEASTOP is now engaging 5 experienced and financially strong project partners and 21 existing small ports in Sweden, Finland and the Åland islands. Apart from the partners, Stockholm County Administrative Board, Government of Åland and the municipalities of Österåker and Norrtälje will co-finance the project.

The planned investments will lead to around 550 meters of new floating jetties, upgraded environmentally sustainable facilities, such as water, toilets, electricity, showers, saunas, boat toilet discharge systems and waste recycling. The project will, amongst other things, lead to the development of 300 new mooring places and new water and sewage systems. The investments will transform the participating ports into attractive stops, as well as enhance regional economy and mobility.

Lead Partner

Värmdö Kommun

Country: SE

Partner budget: 2.504.321 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 1.878.241 EUR ERDF

Project Partners

Mariehamn stad

Country: FI

Partner budget: 296.750 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 222.563 EUR ERDF

Företagsam skärgård

Country: FI

Partner budget: 519.282 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 389.462 EUR ERDF

Peterzéns OY

Country: FI


Partner budget: 230.200 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 172.650 EUR ERDF

Bromarv Byaråd rf.

Country: FI

Partner budget: 228.783 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 171.587 EUR ERDF

Associated Partners


Country: SE

Svenska Sjöräddningssällskapet

Country: SE

Stockholms Sjögård

Country: SE

Sveriges Segelfartygsförbund

Country: SE

Expected results

Project SEASTOP will result in 18 small ports in Sweden and Åland/Finland with an extensive increased service level and thus contributes to the increased share of Central Baltic small ports with good services.

The ports are:
Värmdö municipality:
Svartsö, Harö, Stavsudda, Lökholmen, Kyrkviken/berg, Löka, Möjaström, Långvik outer port, Långvik inner port

Österåker municipality:
Ingmarsö, Nässlinge, Husarö

Sjökvarteret, Bomarsund, Degerby, Lappo

Bromarv, Peterzéns

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