Smart Marina improved 32 small ports

The main achievement of the project was the improvement of 32 small ports and a Blue Flag certification of 17 upgraded harbours with a clear environmental signature.

Improved small port

CAITO attracted Japanese tourists to the Central Baltic region

The project targeted the increase in Japanese tourists visits to Central Baltic region by joint efforts of Estonian, Finnish and Latvian rural tourism clusters.

Joint tourist attraction

SmartZoos created a game-based service to attract more people to visit zoos

The project worked out the game-based service package to attract more people to visit participating zoos (Skansen, Helsinki Zoo, Tallinn Zoo).

Joint tourist attraction

NatAc established a chain of accessible nature tourism sites

NaTac developed tourism sites into accessible tourism objects by using up-to-date, modern and sustainable solutions on infrastructure.

Joint tourist attraction

SEASTOP developed small ports to raise the level of service and to attract visitors to small ports

SEASTOP developed small ports to raise the level of service and to attract visitors to small ports.

Improved small port

Forest Trail created a long distance hiking route

The Forest Trail project created a long distance hiking route. It leads through the most forested lands, regional, nature and national parks of Estonia and Latvia. The total length of the Forest Trail Northern part approximately 1060 km.

Joint tourist attraction

​Archipelago Access made the archipelago and islands area more accessible

The project created a web service and two exhibitions to act as entry points to archipelago tourism. The concept behind this is to strengthen the archipelago regions as a joint tourism attraction by jointly promoting, increasing awareness, and providing easier access to information.

Joint tourist attraction

​URBAN ECO ISLAND investigated sustainable use of islands close to cities

The URBAN ECO ISLAND project piloted new, innovative and smart solutions on two islands (Vasikkasaari in Finland and Aegna in Estonia), to ensure nature protection whilst increasing the attractiveness of the destinations.

Joint tourist attraction
Photo of Lakesperience project

Lakesperience succeeded in creating a joint Central Baltic tourist attraction

The project managed to develop partnering lake areas into a joint sustainable tourism attraction with joint values and to connect the lake tourism service products to it. In the core of the joint tourism attraction and products was the joint positioning theme/brand Nordic-Baltic Lake Trails that was developed in the beginning of the project. Joint positioning theme was utilized in the product development workshops and in developing sales manuals. Based on the joint positioning theme, a Lakesperience marketing strategy was developed.

Batseco boat illustrating photo

BATSECO-BOAT improved sewage collecting services in 20 locations

The BATSECO-BOAT project achievements are based on making investments in altogether 11 new sewage pump-out stations, which of five are located in Finland, four in Estonia and two in Sweden. In Finland the project supported also the renovation of altogether nine old floating pump-out stations, so that those could be used for another 10 years.

At the end of project duration, the BATSECO-BOAT project has improved sewage collecting services in altogether 20 locations.

Improved small port