ict and digital society

street view with a tram

E-TICKETING created interoperability between the electronic ticketing systems in Estonia and Finland

Project developed a joint mobile ticket system that crosses the borders of Finland and Estonia. With the new ticket system it’s possible to buy public transport tickets for all three cities: Helsinki, Tallinn and Tartu with one app, and there is no longer need to buy a plastic card or paper ticket when traveling from another country.

Improved transport flow of goods

eMesai supported SME's entering the Sub-Saharan, Indian and UAE markets

The project supported SMEs' efforts to enter the Sub-Saharan, India and UAE markets to reach the main objective of increasing the Central Baltic SMEs' export to these regions/countries.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

DigiYouth created cross-border student companies

The project targeted the creation of cross-border student companies (business simulations).

Joint student company

ITSVET - ICT security skills on the vocational education level

The ICT Security Specialist curriculum was developed in English and localized for Estonia, Latvia, and Finland. 8 VET schools from Estonia, 5 schools from Latvia and 12 schools from Finland have been involved in project activities and teacher training and are preparing themselves to use the developed curricula.
Most important outcomes: 

Aligned vocational education and training programme

SmartLog - Prototype created that can improve the supply chain in the transport and logistics industry

The main aim with the project “Smart Logistics and Freight Villages Initiative” (SmartLog) was to develop new Internet-of-things (IoT) solution based on block-chain technology, that would help logistics and transportation companies to improve and make their supply chains more efficient.
Companies from Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia were involved in the project along two TEN-T corridors: North Sea – Baltic and Scandinavian – Mediterranean corridor.

Improved transport flow of goods

Interactive information system for small harbours created by SmartPorts

Thanks to the project, 16 small guest harbours were improved with better infrastructure and safety in four countries (most ports in Estonia and Latvia).

Improved small port

Aligned curriculum and training material about skills of cleaning service and health care services in Estonia and Finland

The SAFHY project compared and aligned two vocational education and training curricula from the hygiene point of view.

In the field of cleaning services, two modules of the curriculum for Cleaning supervisor in Estonia were aligned with the modules of study programme Specialization in Cleaning Service /Site Facilities Operative in Finland.

Aligned vocational education and training programme

DeDiWe - Curriculum to improve creation of eHealth services

The project DeDiWe created a 30 ECTS multi-professional curriculum “The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services”. The curriculum gives future professionals skills in developing improved eHealth services.
The study programme is based on the Learning by Developing model, where students, professionals and teachers learn together in working life. Competence level of the study programme is European Qualifications Framework (EQF) levels 5 and 6. Learning takes place mostly on an e-learning platform that is combined with cross-border cooperation. 

Aligned vocational education and training programme

EDU-SMEs project - an aligned VET programme in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

EDU-SMEs project worked for 1,5 years developing one aligned vocational educational training programme in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at four universities of applied sciences in Estonia, Finland and Latvia.

Aligned vocational education and training programme