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ITSVET - ICT security skills on the vocational education level

The ICT Security Specialist curriculum was developed in English and localized for Estonia, Latvia, and Finland. 8 VET schools from Estonia, 5 schools from Latvia and 12 schools from Finland have been involved in project activities and teacher training and are preparing themselves to use the developed curricula.
Most important outcomes: 

  • Competence-based occupational standard for ICT Security Specialist EQF level 5.
  • ICT Security Specialist curriculum for level EQF 5 in English, Estonian, Finnish and Latvian. Curriculum was piloted in all participating countries (EST, FIN, LAT) before issuing the final version.
  • Learning Resources, especially practical Lab Manuals focusing on 26 most relevant ICT security topics for EQF 5 level specialists. These learning resources can be used for any VET or ICT training provider to use as is or to modify and use partially.
  • Skilled and competent VET institution teachers: Teachers from 25 VET institutions were trained. To support teachers in introducing and teaching the curriculum Teacher handbooks were developed and launched in the form of a web source.

The project communicated directly with all main target groups: employers/SME's were addressed to define the skills gaps, VET students as main endusers were involved in direct training while piloting the curriculum and learning materials and VET teachers were engaged in teacher training and teachers' manual development. The electronic channels were for informing about international dissemination events, SME feedback survey, and teacher training.

The specific technical issues are subject to quick changes, but, as the curriculum consists of independent lab manuals, it should be easy to make changes in these.
Project has reported already clear interest from VET schools from the Netherlands, UK, and Spain, to introduce the concept also to their countries and to widen the scope of ICT security curricula to non-ICT students also. 


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  • Competence Standard
  • ICT Security Specialist curriculum
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  • Skilled and competent VET institution teachers
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