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Interactive information system for small harbours created by SmartPorts

Thanks to the project, 16 small guest harbours were improved with better infrastructure and safety in four countries (most ports in Estonia and Latvia).
Ports invested in new safety and environment protection equipment to make ports more secure, sustainable, comfortable and to provide better services in harbours. Ports have purchased navigation marks, buoys, meteorological stations, directional lights, and improved port facilities. E.g. Kõiguste installed self-service kiosk, navigation marks, line marks and gate system, and Purtse developed new webpage, purchased rowing boat, surveillance and port gate opening system.
The SmartPorts project created an interactive information system for small harbours.
Modern ICT solution ( was launched to integrate region's small port network and contribute to tourism development.
The app, HelloPort, includes Port & Buoy Navigation, Marina info and payment.
Common marketing strategies and plans were developed for the participating ports and regions. During the project, partners held training sessions and meetings to discuss methods how to increase visitors’ number and provide sailors even better service quality. The most useful communication for project partners was attending at the maritime fairs in Germany, Sweden, and Finland. Thanks to the fairs, the partners could introduce and promote their ports to visitors. It provided great opportunity to answer to sailors’ questions and concerns. Also, a lot of sailors were interested in the best sailing routes in Baltic Sea. The number of foreign visitors by the sea is increasing. The visitors are also expected to stay longer in the improved ports.
Notable parts of the result are the improved safe navigation and docking services in the small ports as well as improved environmental protection and pollution prevention services.
The cooperation was very effective and successful between Estonia and Latvia. With Finland and Sweden, the communication was weaker, but the project was well implemented.

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At a glance
  • 16 small ports with improved services in four countries
  • Investments in infrastructure, safety and comfort
  • ICT solution for finding the next port,
  • Effective communication at maritime fairs