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Aligned vocational education and training programme

Aligned curriculum and training material about skills of cleaning service and health care services in Estonia and Finland

The SAFHY project compared and aligned two vocational education and training curricula from the hygiene point of view.

In the field of cleaning services, two modules of the curriculum for Cleaning supervisor in Estonia were aligned with the modules of study programme Specialization in Cleaning Service /Site Facilities Operative in Finland.

To align the hygiene aspects in nursing and health care curricula in both countries, selected  modules concerning care procedures in the curriculum  of Care worker (EST) were aligned with the modules in curriculum for Practical nurse (FIN).
Project developed significant amount of digital learning materials for cleaning and healthcare specialities on the subject of hygiene. Learning materials can be used in Finnish, Estonian, English and Russian in order to support the learning of different groups of students. Digital learning materials include 21 topics for the health care sector, 27 topics for the cleaning sector, 5900 photos, 120 videos in 4 languages. The material contains text, learning tests, videos, photos and a professional vocabulary. Digital learning material was developed for VET institutions and work places.

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digital learning materials in 4 languages (et,fi,en,ru)
21 topics for the health care sector
27 topics for the cleaning sector
120 videos in 4 languages 
2 moduls if 2 national curricula compared and aligned