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WoHealth increased standard of health for immigrant mothers

WoHealth increased immigrant mother’s opportunity to reach satisfactory standard of health and wellbeing and thereby supported their integration in unfamiliar culture. 

Improved community

UniLog improved university-level vocational training

The UniLog project improved university-level vocational training by creating a joint study package for logistics. The project developed flexible teaching materials, which can also be used in vocational training and as part of lifelong learning programs.

Aligned vocational education and training programme

Much more contributed to social inclusion of the middle-aged men with addiction problems in their past

The Much more project contributed to better social inclusion of the middle-aged men who have had addiction problems in their past. The project objective was to provide social support for men and thus empower them to reunite with their families and the society. Over 120 men were reached through peer-group activities in Sweden, Latvia and Finland.

Improved community

DSB strenghtened social inclusion of people with deviant sexual behaviour

The main objective of the project was to strengthen social inclusion of people with deviant sexual behaviour (DSB).
During the implementation, the project offered counselling services both for people with deviant sexual behaviour and their closed ones. Altogether 873 people got counselling whether though online or phone call services which were provided by partner organisations.

Improved community
From the Final Seminar 2.11.2017

Acute teamwork model in child care strengthens professional collaboration - ACUCARE

Many children in vulnerable living environments need psychiatric treatment as well as child protection services. The demand for a closer collaboration between different services is high, but professionals act in separate sectors and thus effective inter-professional networking is difficult to establish.

Aligned vocational education and training programme
Understanding different cultures

CB HealthAccess - Export of products within the Health and Wellness sector

The project “Access to Distant Markets in Health and Wellness” (CB HealthAccess) has helped a number of SMEs from the CB region, within the health technology sector, to achieve sales, raise investments, and to close different type of collaboration agreements in four distant markets; South Korea, the United States, India and Uganda.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

SimE - ethical competence for nursing students

The SimE project improved nursing students’ ethical competence in Finland, Sweden and Latvia. The main achievement of the project were the three aligned study courses (6 ETCS) on simulation pedagogy for nursing students, and an e-handbook on the course themes. Thus the project increased the share of aligned vocational education training curricula in the region.

The course topics were:
1) Basic Ethics in Health Care (2 ETCs),
2) The Ethical Coffee Room (1 ETC),
3) Simulations in Ethical Issues (3 ETCs).

Aligned vocational education and training programme

Aligned curriculum and training material about skills of cleaning service and health care services in Estonia and Finland

The SAFHY project compared and aligned two vocational education and training curricula from the hygiene point of view.

In the field of cleaning services, two modules of the curriculum for Cleaning supervisor in Estonia were aligned with the modules of study programme Specialization in Cleaning Service /Site Facilities Operative in Finland.

Aligned vocational education and training programme

Harmonised vocational educational training in nursing and maritime education thanks to OnBoard-Med

By harmonising and developing curricula for both maritime and nursing education institutions, OnBoard-Med filled a gap in multinational shipping industry.
The OnBoard-Med project developed nine vocational modules (2-8 ETCS) in maritime emergency management, medical treatment, and occupational safety. During the project it was found that communication and leadership are crucial for successful operation and handling of emergency.

Aligned vocational education and training programme

NURED aligned curricula for home-care nurses

NURED project developed two new aligned curricula for future home-care nurses in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Sweden. The curricula were developed considering stakeholder needs: the partners created pilot versions of four different modules based on surveys conducted with home care staff in 2017-2018. The surveys’ results revealed the differences in home care nursing practices in all four partner countries.
The available modules are:

Aligned vocational education and training programme