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Improved transport flow of goods

E-TICKETING created interoperability between the electronic ticketing systems in Estonia and Finland

Project developed a joint mobile ticket system that crosses the borders of Finland and Estonia. With the new ticket system it’s possible to buy public transport tickets for all three cities: Helsinki, Tallinn and Tartu with one app, and there is no longer need to buy a plastic card or paper ticket when traveling from another country.

Travelers from Estonia to Helsinki can use the mobile application to buy a single public transport ticket.
Holders of the Helsinki Travel Card (Matkakortti) can buy and store Tallinn and Tartu day tickets on their travel card.
Passengers can view all trip details on the websites and

The name of the application is 2020. The application is available for both iOS and Android systems.
Even without the app, the HSL Matkakort holder has the option to buy public transport day tickets for Tallinn and Tartu on their card.

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At a glance
  • Common ticketing was developed for public transportation in Helsinki, Tallinn and Tartu.
  • Simplify payments and reduce the time of travel procedures.