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DeDiWe - Curriculum to improve creation of eHealth services

The project DeDiWe created a 30 ECTS multi-professional curriculum “The Developer of Digital Health and Welfare Services”. The curriculum gives future professionals skills in developing improved eHealth services.
The study programme is based on the Learning by Developing model, where students, professionals and teachers learn together in working life. Competence level of the study programme is European Qualifications Framework (EQF) levels 5 and 6. Learning takes place mostly on an e-learning platform that is combined with cross-border cooperation. 
The curriculum is available on the project website ( so that other higher education institutions, training centres and schools can build study units upon it. The partner schools continue to offer the study units of the DeDiWe curriculum to their students. Many articles about the project are available, such as:

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  • Skills to develop improved eHealth services
  • Three countries involved
  • Freely usable by everyone