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Raising competitiveness of freelance artists and independent companies - Theatre Expanded

During the project the two project partners, Estonian theatre organisation Foundation Vaba Lava and New Theatre Institute of Latvia, collaborated with an aim to raise the entrepreneurial spirit of theatre professionals and to explore and introduce new models of arts and business collaboration.

Many trainings were organised in Estonia and Latvia both for local and joint audiences with theatre professionals. More than 600 people in Estonia and in Latvia attended different kind of seminars, training courses, shadowing processes, working periods with mentors and the final conference.

The new concept of artistic interventions was studied and practically implemented in both countries with the help of experts from Finland and Germany. During a 9-month period 5 (EST) and 11 (LV) new process leaders in artistic interventions were trained. In Estonia one new company was created by theatre professionals with an aims to use innovative ideas in theatre production and to promote young theatre professionals in home country and abroad.
Two publications were created for theatre producers and professionals. The project ended with the two-day international conference in Tallinn targeted researching future of performing arts.

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  • 360 theatre related professionals reached
  • 14 artists received Al qualification and started their projects
  • 37 producers received training and are qualified to work on theatre and culture projects