Better access to labour market for young unemployed through cross-border sport volunteers model

P4 Skilled and socially inclusive region

4.1. More people benefiting from stronger Central Baltic communities

Southern Finland - Estonia

01.02.2016 - 31.01.2018

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Project Summary:

The Central Baltic economies are experiencing high youth unemployment rates; it’s a challenge for young graduates to enter the labor market. The main obstacle is not so much identifiable with lack of education rather with lack of experience. One opportunity to receive work experience is to do voluntary work.
According to a LinkedIn research, 41% of managers hiring through LinkedIn consider volunteer work as equally valuable as paid work experience when evaluating candidates. In the EU, volunteer activities related to sport attract 20 million people.  
Currently, in the CB region, access to volunteering opportunities is dispersive: young people could more effectively and systematically provide their contribution as sports volunteers if information concerning different opportunities for volunteering were more easily available. 
The aim of this project is to increase young people opportunities to access the labor market, by developing and piloting a cross-border sport volunteering model in Southern-Finland and Estonia through the following activities:
1) Development of a cross-border sport volunteering model that will be tested by 500 young unemployed during different sport events in Estonia and Southern-Finland; 2) Development and pilot of an innovative ICT-based platform to unite sport volunteers and promote sport volunteering opportunities in Southern-Finland and Estonia; 3) Set up a promotion campaign and awareness-raising seminars at vocational schools/universities. Organize a large-scale conference (forum) to promote sport volunteering possibilities as a labor-market advantage for young unemployed.

Lead Partner

MTÜ Spordiaasta

Country: EE

Partner budget: 180.650 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 153.553 EUR ERDF

Project Partners

Haaga-Helia Ammattikorkeakoulu

Country: FI

Partner budget: 75.256 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 56.442 EUR ERDF

Achieved results

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Improved community

YOUTH-SPORT-VOL - a platform to find volunteering work

To improve possibilities for young people to enter the labour market, YOUTH-SPORT-VOL implemented a sport volunteering model. The model allows young adults to gain working knowledge in the framework of volunteering, thus improving their possiblities to find work. To make volunteering easily discoverable, the project created a web service that allows browsing of events and registering as a volunteer in them. A permanent secreatariat for sport volunteering was established at the Tallinn University as well. The project engaged with 985 unemployed young adults, nearly twice as many as planned.

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At a glance
  • Increased employment opportunities of young adults
  • Close to 1000 people reached directly
  • A web service for finding volunteering opportunities

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