Sustainability in Finance

P4 Skilled and socially inclusive region

4.2. More aligned vocational education and training (VET) programmes in the Central Baltic region

Central Baltic

01.03.2020 - 30.11.2022

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Project Summary:

According to the Finnish National Agency in the 2019 Education report, knowledge about sustainability principles is by far the most important generic competence employees need to acquire in the future. The countries across the Central Baltic region such as Finland, Latvia and Estonia are all committed to the UN sustainable and EUSBSR strategic goals.

In order to provide future employees in this region with the possibility to acquire knowledge about sustainability principles, the Sustainability in Finance (SuFi) project is developing a vocational education and training (VET) open online module about Sustainability in Finance (15 ECTS).

The project activities involve testing, piloting and developing a survey about the competence needed in the financial sector. Students, lecturers, associated partners, stakeholders, and project partners will engage in meetings, workshops and on an ideation e-platform (Stormboard) in order to produce the online module. The module will be then tested and piloted on Moodle and made available via an open educational platform.

Lead Partner

Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu

Country: FI

Partner budget: 199.609 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 149.707 EUR ERDF

Project Partners

Profesionālās izglītības kompetences centrs "Liepājas Valsts tehnikums"

Country: LV

Partner budget: 79.800 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 67.830 EUR ERDF

Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus

Country: EE

Partner budget: 58.240 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 49.504 EUR ERDF

Latvijas Universitāte

Country: LV

Partner budget: 50.000 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 42.500 EUR ERDF

Tartu Ülikool

Country: EE

Partner budget: 43.547 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 37.015 EUR ERDF

Högskolan på Åland

Country: FI

Partner budget: 86.209 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 64.656 EUR ERDF

Associated Partners

Ålandsbanken Abp

Country: FI

Finanšu nozares asociācija

Country: LV


Country: FI

Achieved results

Project result in category -
Aligned vocational education and training programme

The Sustainability in Finance (SuFi) created a study programme on Sustainable Finance

The project SuFi created a 15 ECTS study programme on Sustainable Finance. The project resulted an open online education module within business education to meet new competence needs. The module is rooted in partner institutions and made available for all, on an open educational platform (Moodle).

To be able to develop a need-based study programme, the project made a survey which mapped the finance service sector professionals’ expectations on future sustainability competence needs among vocational business graduates. The ideation process of the study programme also included views from educational institutions including students.
The study programme includes three modules which can be also studied independently. The modules are following:

  • Sustainable development and climate change (5 ects)
  • Sustainable finance (5 ects)
  • Future megatrends and vocational competences (5 ects)

The study programme was piloted by four partner institutions: Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences (FI), Vocational education and training center "Liepajas State Technical school" (LV), Tartu Vocational Education Centre (EE) and Åland University of Applied Sciences (AX). Totally over 400 students took part in piloting.

The study programme can be accessed through Haaga-Helia Applied Science moodle platform by logging in as a quest and selecting Sustanable Finance project.

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At a glance
  • a survey on future sustainability competence needs was done
  • 15 ECTS open study programme on Sustainable Finance was developed
  • three included modules can be also studied independently
  • four schools and 400 students from Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Åland piloted