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ACTIVE AGE improved an equal access of long-term unemployed seniors to labour market in rural areas

The main result of the project - social well-being of local people aged 55+ has been improved through higher employment and incomes. Participants of the project gained practical skills, knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence. Motivation of seniors have improved and they have better access to local labor market now, some seniors have already found a new job.
More than 400 members of the target group participated in the project activities and got both practical skills and encouragement. The interest towards project activities was big in the target group and the planned target value of 100 participants was exceeded a lot. Practical and theoretical trainings such as handicraft, English and computer courses were appreciated by all participants. Especially for seniors who have been unemployed for a long period of time and needed more personal approach and support because of low self-confidence, support of  the group and mentoring to improve the participants’ self-esteem were important. Joint study tours and visits were organised to strengthen the cross-boarder network and to share good ideas and experiences. 
Through the networking and people-to-people communication seniors received new ideas which can be used in making better choices and improving their social well-being in the future. Participants plan to use their new skills to find a job, earn additional income or create new activities as NGO or self-employed person. Other organisations in CB area can use the results of the survey to develop integration measures for similar target groups.

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  • Partners from Estonia and Latvia
  • Improved social well-being of local people aged 55+
  • Developed practical skills and knowledge