Rural and peripheral development

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Rural lifestyle project was creating attractive rural lifestyle destinations

New attractive and sustainable Rural Lifestyle tourism product was developed – destinations around the Baltic Sea (Estonia – Setomaa historic region, Vana-Võromaa historic region, Mulgimaa historic region, Onion Route – the shores of Lake Peipsi, Soomaa National Park, Lahemaa National Park; Latvia – Abava river valley, Sēlija, North Vidzeme, Gauja National Park; Sweden – Söderhamn; Finland –Åland, Archipelago of Kökar in Åland, Brändö island in Åland, Lappo island in Åland, Jurmo island in Åland, Lohja), altogether 39 new products.

Joint tourist attraction

ACTIVE AGE improved an equal access of long-term unemployed seniors to labour market in rural areas

The main result of the project - social well-being of local people aged 55+ has been improved through higher employment and incomes. Participants of the project gained practical skills, knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence. Motivation of seniors have improved and they have better access to local labor market now, some seniors have already found a new job.

Improved community

Archipelago Partnership encouraged to new business ideas, network and development

The project Archipelago - strategic partnerships for business development inspired entrepreneurs in the archipelago and rural areas to develop through partnerships and training in Finland (including Aland Islands) and Sweden. The archipelago regions have certain challenges: small scale communities, depopulation, aging generation, strong seasonality, lower accessibility, etc.

Joint knowledge intensive enterprise