clustering and economic cooperation

NNFA increased exports of film productions

The project targeted to increase exports within the film production sector in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. Production in the context of this project was defined as for filming movies, TV series and advertisements in the Central Baltic region.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

ASIA-CLEAN expedided cleantech export

The goal of the ASIA-CLEAN project was to increase the export of Finnish and Estonian cleantech, healthtech, smart city, environmental and energy technology companies to the project's target areas in China (Jinan and Shangdong regions and Tianjin) and Malaysia.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

BreedExpo helped agricultural producers enter new markets

The main objective of BreedExpo project was to support agricultural producers from CB area, who are interested in exporting breeding animals, to enter into new markets: Kazahstan, Georgia and Ukraine.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets
Madina Haram (al masjid an nabawi)

IHMEC accelerated sales in the Middle-East for companies developing indoor hygiene products

IHMEC project aimed at creating business opportunities for Estonian, Finnish and Swedish companies. 

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

LEF Network to China created an export support network for wood products

The project targeted the entry to the China’s market by CB region wood interior design industry companies.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

eMesai supported SME's entering the Sub-Saharan, Indian and UAE markets

The project supported SMEs' efforts to enter the Sub-Saharan, India and UAE markets to reach the main objective of increasing the Central Baltic SMEs' export to these regions/countries.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

CAITO attracted Japanese tourists to the Central Baltic region

The project targeted the increase in Japanese tourists visits to Central Baltic region by joint efforts of Estonian, Finnish and Latvian rural tourism clusters.

Joint tourist attraction

CB 4 GameCamps accelerated gaming start-ups

The project targeted to create 10 new cross-border companies in the gaming industry and contributing to solving common challenges in the CB region’s gaming industry.

Joint knowledge intensive enterprise
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FINEEX Music – Strengthened bonds with the music industry in Japan

The project “Boosting music industry exports to Japan through cross-sectoral collaboration” (FINEEX Music/Finest Sounds) aimed at increasing sales and new export contracts of Finnish and Estonian music industry companies in Japan. The most important achievements:
1) New contacts to Japanese music business were established and old ones strengthened, and a lot of silent knowledge from experienced exporters shared. Existing connections with Japanese music industry were updated, and trust built between them and new generation of exporters.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

Central Baltic ICT - Export Meta Cluster

SMEs within the Central Baltic countries are in a challenging situation due to a very small size of fiercely competed domestic markets making it necessary to penetrate into new markets. The project has jointly developed a toolbox to support ICT sector SMEs in Sweden, Estonia and Latvia to succeed in exporting into new markets.
Joint resources have made it possible to elevate branding, join and jointly use available resources for market studies and promotion as well as establish consortiums capable for further expansion in the new markets.

New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets