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Aligned vocational education and training programme

HPP - training future professionals in health promotion

An important issue related to sustainable development is holistic human health and wellbeing. In order for people to learn how to care for their health and wellbeing themselves, future professionals from different fields need to be trained in how holistic human health and wellbeing promotion.

Central Baltic HPP - Health Promotion Programme – a cross-border cooperation project between Helsinki-Uusimaa and Läänemaa region, tackled this challenge by:

  • Identifying training needs in the field of health promotion. In this phase over 800 field experts provided their insights which created the background for the programme’s following phases. Their insights are collected here.
  • 16 study programmes were designed based on the training needs identified in the previous phase. For each of the study courses, a study card in three languages was prepared. The overview of the project and the developed programmes are introduced in the HPP e-booklet (Chapter 8).
  • Testing and Implementation of the developed programmes followed in all partner organizations. The content of each programme was improved with the help of anonymous student feedback and additional study material was developed:

           . Animation about the use of Social Media
           . Study video about light pollution
           . Boardgame “Planning our living environment” (the online version of the game in Estonian is available here)

  • Two dissemination events were organised at the end of the project in Tallinn and Helsinki. Throughout the project lifecycle presentations and seminars were held in Estonia, Finland and elsewhere. A complete overview of the scope of dissemination activities is available from the project outreach map.
At a glance
  • 800 professionals involved
  • 16 new programmes