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EmpowerKids - a tool to improve well-being and healthy living of small children

EmpowerKids developed an Internet-accessible tool that promotes healthy living habits and well-being to small children. The tool was developed in close cooperation with health care workers, social care workers and children. The aim of the tool is to supports professionals in consultations regarding physical activity, nutrition, family resources and daily activities, by providing children an easily-approachable and attractive way to receive and reflect on such information. 

In addition, the project organised workshops for children and their parents. Topics included healthy eating, sandplay therapy sessions, physical activities and good sleeping habits. 

Experiences gained from using the tool and the workshops were gathered into a collection of good practices.

Altogether, 628 children participated in project activities. Approximately 300 of the participating children came from low-in-come families and thus the target of 180 was exceeded. In total, 45 health care and social workers participated in the project, topping the goal of 30.