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Improved transport flow of goods

Smart E67 improved the transport corridor Via Baltica (road E67)

Project improved the transport corridor Via Baltica (road E67), a key North-South direction transport corridor in Estonia and Latvia by taking into use Intelligent Transport System. Project activities included installation of new road weather stations, different variable message and warning signs as well as improvement of the existing traffic lights by making them to work in adaptive regime considering impulses given by traffic sensors.

In order to operate Intelligent Transport System equipment installed on the road, both Estonian and Latvian Traffic Information Centres IT infrastructure was upgraded introducing the cloud services. Necessary software was developed to ensure the synergy among the new and existing systems of both partners. In addition, project partners developed a common platform and procedures on what data how should be collected and processed to be usable for both countries to manage the traffic flow in the full length from Tallinn to border of Lithuania.

All new technologies and methods are synchronized with already existing traffic management systems and systems between countries; therefore, they are in use on a daily base and will be exploited in compliance with requirements issued by the producers.

An extensive information campaign was carried out to introduce the innovations on road E67 to the target group - drivers using the road. Information was provided to general public using leaflets, radio, TV broadcasts etc. In addition, videos with Estonian, Latvian, Russian and English subtitles were produced and disseminated via different channels

To assess the traffic situation and its improvements on the chosen road, a Study on the effectiveness and on the improvements of the Central Baltic transport Project „Smart E67“ was carried out as ex-ante and ex-post evaluation. Based on the ex-post evaluation:

  • Average driving time on the E67 route sections has been reduced by 2,05 minutes per vehicle;
  • Average total travel time on the route sections has been decreased by 0,747%;
  • The annual total travel time savings on E67 route sections is 192 000 hours/year.

Road Intelligent Transport System design and implementation won the 1st prize in the contest of new engineering structures of 2018 by Building design and Construction Council in Latvia.

Project website: Smart E67 (in Latvian) and Facebook page (in English)


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At a glance
  • Used Intelligent Transport System.
  • Installed new road weather stations, signs, improved existing traffic lights.
  • The annual total travel time savings on E67 route sections is 192 000 hours/year.