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Improved transport flow of goods

SMART E263/E77 project modernised traffic management services along the route Tallinn-Tartu-Luhamaa-Riga

The main objectives of the project were to improve traffic flow, to increase traffic safety and to save travel time on the E263/E77 transport corridor from Tallinn via Tartu and Luhamaa in Estonia to Riga in Latvia by implementing smart dynamic traffic management solutions.

Project modernised traffic management services along the route by installing adaptive traffic lights, variable message signs, road weather stations, traffic cameras, etc. All these tools are integrated in one traffic management system monitored and operated by Traffic Management Centers allowing timely warning about situations on road and weather responsive traffic management, including dynamic cross border traffic management.

As a result of implemented tools on the E263 and E77 road, the travel time will be saved by 2,46 minutes per vehicle (0,88% up to 5,6% on 2+2 road sections). It also has a positive effect on reducing CO2 emissions.

Important impact of implemented measures is the increased overall traffic safety in Tallinn-Tartu-V├Áru-Luhama-Riga transport corridor.

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At a glance
  • traffic management services modernised and one traffic management system taken into use
  • travel time reduced
  • travel safety increased