B.Green - Baltic Green Urban Infrastructure Planning

P2 Sustainable use of common resources

2.3. Better urban planning in the Central Baltic region

Central Baltic

01.02.2020 - 31.12.2022

€1 302 619

€1 048 226

Project Summary:

To address the climate change related challenges that cities increasingly face, B.Green aims at improving urban planning by developing a new green infrastructure (GI) planning concept into the pre-planning process of cities.
B.Green addresses two urban planning challenges: how to combine green and grey infrastructure in the context of urban mobility development and how to ensure that multifunctional GI is taken into account throughout the pre-planning phase. The project utilises recent research and combines it with local knowledge produced by residents and other local stakeholders during the project.
The project will focus on the twin cities of Helsinki and Tallinn, in which the co-created B.Green concept and GI solutions will be demonstrated. In the local pilots, both agile approaches as well as active citizen participation with the aid of digital tools, which are all important elements of the B.Green concept, are implemented. The implementation is done with wide stakeholder engagement, utilization of applied digital tools and encouraging capacity building in the BSR area. In building and testing the B.Green concept, advanced technologies such as simulation, VR, AR, geotracking and wifi-sniffers, are utilised, while also creating new business potential. These solutions improve the mutual learning and communication process between different stakeholders.
The project will have long term effects on both local level through pilots that are linked to large scale infrastructural development, as well as wide scale-up potential through the associated partner networks. B.Green is tightly connected to local and larger strategies, such as the cities carbon neutral objectives and the EUBSR strategy.

Lead Partner

Forum Virium Helsinki Oy

Country: FI


Partner budget: 590.000 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 442.500 EUR ERDF

Project Partners

Tallinna Strateegiakeskus

Country: EE


Partner budget: 522.619 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 444.226 EUR ERDF

Stockholmi Keskkonnainstituudi Tallinna Keskus

Country: EE


Partner budget: 190.000 EUR

Amount of ERDF funding: 161.500 EUR ERDF

Associated Partners

City of Helsinki, City Executive Office, Urban Development, housing and investments

Country: FI

City of Helsinki, Urban Environment Division, Malmi Team

Country: FI

City of Helsinki, Urban Environment Division, Kalasatama-Länsisatama Team

Country: FI

Helsingin kaupunki, Ympäristöpalvelut, Kaupunkiympäristön toimiala

Country: FI

Achieved results

Project result in category -
Urban area covered with integrated urban management

Baltic Green Urban Infrastructure Planning improved early phase urban planning

The project B.Green implemented several successful green infrastructure concepts, plans and executions to improve early phase urban planning. All the actions were implemented in six selected pilot areas located both in Helsinki and Tallinn: 

  1. Kalasatamankeskus (tramway line) - A smart & Clean tram stop concept was developed together with Kalasatama tramway stakeholders;
  2. Northern Verkkosaari - Hermanninranta urban plan for zoning process was created as 3D model in collaboration with B.Green project;
  3. Vallilanlaakso area changed during the pilot to Sompasaari, another part of Kalasatama where most of the Helsinki's resident engaging pilots took place;
  4. Urban gardening and garage Pelgulinn - Allotment garden concept was created for the City of Tallinn and re-use plan of the garages were made;
  5. Residential area Mustjoe-Hiiu development concept is completed; and
  6. Väike-Oismäe-Veskimetsa bikelane spatial plans were completed and e.g. flower meadow was implemented.

All plans were created in collaboration with several stakeholders – urban planners, local citizens, companies.

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At a glance
  • early phase urban planning
  • six pilot areas in Helsinki and Tallinn
  • urban planners, local citizens, companies were involved