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PRIME - training programmes for young migrants

To promote the social and economic integration of young migrants aged 18-30 years who have limited knowledge of the host country’s language & culture and lack social capital & support, the project PRIME developed and piloted a training programme targeting young migrants with a refugee background in Linköping, Sweden and foreign students in Riga, Latvia.
The programme consisted of a toolkit of options, including, language and cultural awareness training as well as vocational training, work placements, job brokerage and community-based workplace mentoring. To measure the programme’s success, the project collected feedbacks from the young migrant participating in the training programme’s pilot & their mentors. The feedbacks showed that participants were satisfied with the training and with the knowledge and skills they acquired.
Within the programme framework, 100 young migrants participated in the training programme overreaching the initial target of 50. To support the programme, 40 mentors were also trained overreaching the initial target (15) in this instance too.

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  • 100 migrants involved in the training programme
  • 40 mentors
  • 1 training programme