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PAD - improved access to labour market

The main goal of the project was to find solutions to reduce social exclusion and stigma of youngsters and young adults with mental health problems, in order to increase their access to the labour market.
PAD contributed to the understanding of existing problems from the perspective of different stakeholders such as employers, companies and enterprises, target group members and different service providers.
In total, 8 members of the project target group managed to find work during the project time. In addition, project partners in both countries experienced a growing interest on behalf of companies and enterprises towards employment of people with mental health issues. Finnish examples of peer activism and the entrepreneurial opportunities inspired many Estonian target group members who participated in our project. This helped them to feel more empowered.
Approximately 100 persons participated in the project activities and thereby benefitted from the project. 10 student theses were written about the subject which help understand and solve such problems in the future.

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  • Empowering young people with mental health problems
  • Raising awareness among employers and society
  • Peer activities