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NatAc established a chain of accessible nature tourism sites

NatAc established a chain of accessible nature tourism sites in Latvia, Estonia and Finland. Existing nature sites were developed into accessible tourism objects by using up-to-date, modern and sustainable solutions on infrastructure. In cooperation with accessibility experts, the project improved or created 19 accessible nature sites which are now accessible to all, including people with disabilities, seniors, young families travelling with baby-strollers, people with temporary injuries.

The project developed new solutions for accessible products and services. For example tactile objects were developed that allow to understand the shape and details of nature objects. Braille and audio materials were created to allow the blind to read and hear the data, toolboxes with educational materials to comprehend and enjoy the nature through various senses - touch, smell, taste etc. Videos were produced to give information about the accessible nature trails and developed products for learning about nature. Information about the accessible trails is provided on the site in plain language on tactile info stands, cards, easy to understand marking system with accessibility pictograms.

Accessibility of all nature trails in project area were assessed using the accessibility checklist. The project issued a Travel Guide on accessible nature sites and launched an Internet Platform, which contains info on all identified accessible or partly accessible nature sites in the core Central Baltic area in Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The guide is available in Latvian, Estonian, Finnish and English.


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  • 19 accessible nature site utilising modern and sustainable solutions
  • Assessed accessibility
  • Braille and audio materials to comprehend the nature through various senses