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LightsOn! - historical sites as a joint attraction

The project LightsOn! combined eight historical sites in Finland and Estonia into a joint attraction. This was achieved through activities that included e.g. themed events with light installations, a mobile application and an entrepreneur training programme. The training resulted in better involvement of local communities whereas the events (16 in total) helped raise awareness about the sites and attracted new target groups. The events advanced marketing as well which was done under a single visual appearance as an event locations. 
In addition to joint activities and events, infrastructure was improved at selected sites. Infrastructure improvements include building or renovating viewing platforms, stairs, picnic tables, information boards and installing permanent lightning to allow visits after sunset.
Light-themed events attracted 23 000 visitors altogether. Participant numbers ranged from an intimate 75 persons to approximately 8000 at the Valge Öö Keila-Joal festival. The yearly increase of site visits was 32 900 (mostly Vallisaari in 2016) and the total number of new visitors was 56 200. Increase of yearly visitor numbers is yet expected to show in next few years as all construction work is now finished and sites with improvements can now be taken into full use.
Developed Finnish sites of the LightsOn! attraction

  1. Raasepori castle ruin, Raaseporin linnantie 110, Raasepori
  2. Kuusisto castle ruin, Linnanrauniontie 634, Kaarina
  3. Rapola hill fort, Sääksmäentie 770, Valkeakoski
  4. Vallisaari fortress island, Helsinki

Developed Estonian sites of the LightsOn! attraction

  1. Varbola hill fort, Põlli, Raplamaa
  2. Lõhavere hill fort fortress, 71209 Viljandimaa
  3. Neeruti hill fort, 45224 Lääne-Viru maakond
  4. Keila-Joa borough, 76701 Harju maakond

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