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New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

LEF Network to China created an export support network for wood products

The project targeted the entry to the China’s market by CB region wood interior design industry companies. For that purpose, cluster uniting 5 partners was created. Cluster organisations from Latvia, Estonia and Finland participated.

COVID-19 pandemic had strong impact to project implementation as physical access to China was limited.

The project implemented following activities:

  1. Established LEF network of 5 partners for sustainable export development to China.
  2. Expo visit and contact matchmaking in China were 19 companies participated.
  3. Trainings were organised in 3 countries to raise competence about exporting opportunities to China.
  4. Web platform was created with all project materials from training and market research-handbook.
  5. Participating companies had the opportunity to send their products to China, where they were placed and represented in showroom in Changzhou city for a year. It was the alternative solution in the COVID-19 obstacles.
  6. The number of events was organized, such as Study Tour; development of showroom in Changzhou; participation with joint booth in China International Fair; participation in 10th China Global Wood Trade Conference; organization of B2B; presentation of the project during Beijing EXPO, organization of forum with B2B event.
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At a glance
  • 5 partners for sustainable export development
  • Trainings in 3 countries
  • Participating companies could send their products to China to be on display