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Energetic small ports in Central Baltic region paid attention to climate friendliness

The main aim of the project was to improve energy efficiency and climate friendly services in Central Baltic small ports. As a result of the project 13 small ports were improved. Investments on energy efficiency technologies, like solar panels and wind-power generators, and safety were made in following ports: Seili, Airisto Strand, Tervasaari, Sapokka, Keihässalmi Pyhtää in Finland; Bläse Kalkbruk, Klacksörarna in Sweden; Lennusadam, Lõunaranna, Roograhu, Kärdla, Orjaku and Sõru in Estonia.

Another important objective of the project was to promote the network of Central Baltic small ports as a joint destination for maritime tourists. All small ports of CB area were presented and marketed using marketing material (destination map, sailing route book and videos made in the project) and by using the online platform of CBSmallPorts.

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At a glance
  • energy efficiency and climate friendly services of small ports in the spotlight
  • 13 small ports were improved in Estonia, Finland and Sweden
  • promotion of joint destination for maritime tourism