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New cluster co-operation exporting to new markets

BreedExpo helped agricultural producers enter new markets

The main objective of BreedExpo project was to support agricultural producers from CB area, who are interested in exporting breeding animals, to enter into new markets: Kazahstan, Georgia and Ukraine.

Cooperation between farmers’ organisations and joint actions enabled to get more attention and higher interest in new target markets, and to optimize the costs of marketing activities. As CB markets and individual farms are quite small compared to selected target markets, it is quite difficult for individual farmers to make deals and get sales. Working together and making joint sales contracts allows to meet needs of big farms in Kazakhstan, Georgia or Ukraine.
As a result of the project a strong cluster cooperation was established involving ca 600 farmers and 8 breeding and export companies and associations from project area. 36 farmers participated actively in export activities (contact visits to target markets, participation in agricultural exhibitions). Ca 100 farmers sold their cattle through local intermediary organisations to 3 selected target markets during project implementation period: 27 deliveries were organised to Georgia, 20 to Kazakhstan and 3 to Ukraine. The amount of the sales was ca 2,7 million euros. In total ca 1300 beef cattle and ca 870 dairy cattle were sold to target markets.

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At a glance
  • Strong cluster operation
  • 600 farmers and 8 companies involved
  • Total amount of sales value ca 2,7 million euros
  • Over 2000 cattles sold