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Baltic Green Urban Infrastructure Planning improved early phase urban planning

The project B.Green implemented several successful green infrastructure concepts, plans and executions to improve early phase urban planning. All the actions were implemented in six selected pilot areas located both in Helsinki and Tallinn: 

  1. Kalasatamankeskus (tramway line) - A smart & Clean tram stop concept was developed together with Kalasatama tramway stakeholders;
  2. Northern Verkkosaari - Hermanninranta urban plan for zoning process was created as 3D model in collaboration with B.Green project;
  3. Vallilanlaakso area changed during the pilot to Sompasaari, another part of Kalasatama where most of the Helsinki's resident engaging pilots took place;
  4. Urban gardening and garage Pelgulinn - Allotment garden concept was created for the City of Tallinn and re-use plan of the garages were made;
  5. Residential area Mustjoe-Hiiu development concept is completed; and
  6. Väike-Oismäe-Veskimetsa bikelane spatial plans were completed and e.g. flower meadow was implemented.

All plans were created in collaboration with several stakeholders – urban planners, local citizens, companies.

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  • early phase urban planning
  • six pilot areas in Helsinki and Tallinn
  • urban planners, local citizens, companies were involved