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‚ÄčArchipelago Access made the archipelago and islands area more accessible

The project created a web service and two exhibitions to act as entry points to archipelago tourism. The concept behind this is to strengthen the archipelago regions as a joint tourism attraction by jointly promoting, increasing awareness, and providing easier access to information.
The exhibitions will act as a gateway for visitors to gain necessary information for their travels around the Central Baltic Programme areas in Finland and Sweden.
The web portal, Explore Archipelago, gives visitors easier access and a unified view into tourist information as it expands the physical exhibitions by gathering the information on services and destinations under one address. At the same time, it provides a digital bridge over the Baltic Sea. The digital system is expandable and robust, and it sees no borders. The project partners are committed to developing the service further, and in the future, it can embrace a wider area still.

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  • Easier access to archipelagos in Finland and Estonia
  • An information portal about sights and services