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Young female Baltic Entrepreneurs creating the future to gain practical experience of running their own business

The main result in the project was developing the participants – young females - entrepreneurial capacity, mindset and skills. For many participants, the project was a start into the world of entrepreneurs and an eye-opener for the help they can get to take the next step in their career. Several participants continue to develop themselves after the project via other training and support systems to develop their business ideas and leadership skills.

Project created opportunities for young female entrepreneurs to gain practical experience of running their own business. During three interactive training cycles 50 international student companies were created, some of which actually got a product or service to the market. In addition, project encouraged the participants to see that they have grown as entrepreneurs and leaders and to see that they can use their entrepreneurial skills in other contexts now and in the future.

For project partners from Sweden, Estonia and Latvia, the project deepened the knowledge of what the process of business start-ups and relevant support systems look like in three participating countries.

For the participants, the international value was a part of the learning. Participants gained perspective on their own entrepreneurship by reflecting it in an international perspective. Many participants described working together in international teams and learning effective communication as both a challenge but also one of the best things about the project. As female leaders and entrepreneurs, the participants of the project are better equipped for future assignments.

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At a glance
  • young females got tools and mindset for entrepreneurship
  • three training cycles resulted in 50 international student companies
  • partners in Sweden, Estonia and Latvia got international perspective about start-ups and relevant support systems