SME and entrepreneurship

RIBS trained young people in entrepreneurial and creative skills

By encouraging young people in the archipelago, developing and training their entrepreneurial skills and giving them a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship, you strengthen the region in a long-term perspective. You show them different ways to make a living.
The RIBS project involved more than 1000 young people in the ages of 12-18 years in sparely populated archipelago areas in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Åland.

Joint student company

BELT - start-ups in the Central Baltic region

The BELT project improved start-up culture within the Central Baltic region in various ways. For instance, four BootCamps were organised under the Smart City theme in Jurmala, Helsinki, Norrköping and Tampere. In total, 86 start-ups or teams participated in them, along with individual business ideas. 

Joint knowledge intensive enterprise

EDU-SMEs project - an aligned VET programme in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

EDU-SMEs project worked for 1,5 years developing one aligned vocational educational training programme in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at four universities of applied sciences in Estonia, Finland and Latvia.

Aligned vocational education and training programme