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REGI Support for Estonian families living in Finland

Work-based migration from Estonia to Finland has been growing in the last decade. As a result family members might be separated by the distance and suffer because of that. Project REGI was implemented to support Estonian families affected by this issue.

The project approached this challenge by developing ad hoc solutions such as information events for Estonians, peer support group activities as well as events for families and their children. Professionals dealing with migration-related issues — social workers and health care workers — as well as students, were also instructed on the matter. They received information about the kind of challenges Estonian workers in Finland and their family members may face, whether in the new homeland or at home and what kinds of information they need to experience a smoother transition in case they decide to move to a new home country, in this case, Finland. The project also produced short videos aimed at describing the supportive group method used by the project as well as a book aimed at improving Estonian children's perception of their new life situation.
Altogether 566 Estonians both in Finland (Turku region) and Estonia (Rakvere region), 189 professionals working with them as well as volunteers, were involved in these activities. 


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  • Support for Estonian families with connections to Finland
  • More than 500 Estonian families involved
  • A children book for families living abroad