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Aligned vocational education and training programme

Project Crea-RE created aligned studies in resource efficiency and circular economy

As the main result of the project, 10 ECTS of curricula content, learning package "Resource efficiency and circular economy" was created and aligned. The content is implemented in three higher VET institutions: Lab University of Applied Sciences in Finland,  University of G√§vle in Sweden and  University of Latvia.

Project developed online learning materials for the course in amount of 12-20 ECTS. Learning materials are in the form of Power Point presentations, videos, electronic student tasks or course literature in electronic forms. The learning materials are placed on study environment LAB MOOC where they are freely available for students and teachers.

The project brought benefit to students through the production and testing of joint learning materials and thereby, supported integration of the CB labor market. The mode of operation in the project, especially case studies, provided the opportunity to improve the understanding of resource efficiency and circular economy from a wider perspective. For better employability in the future, also experiences on intercultural working, different cultures and languages and ICT skills are needed and these competences were improved throughout this project.

The transnational value in working with different methods gave the companies new ideas not only from students with fresh ideas, but also from students from foreign cultures and different perspectives. This kind of multicultural way of acting was beneficial especially when the information was shared, and new ideas were innovated. 

As an additional value, the Russian partner ITMO university was able to participate in the project with funding from the Swedish Institute (Crea-RE-RU). This gave the project an opportunity to produce more learning materials, visit Russia and to do 4 additional case studies.

More information about the project can be found on project webpage from here

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At a glance
  • 10 ECTS of curricula content
  • 12-20 ECTS online learning materials
  • Implemented in three higher VET universities in FIN, SWE and LAT
  • 12 practical case studies for companies