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PortMate - improved safety and resource efficient services in small ports

Project partnership worked during end 2016-end 2019 to improve services in 19 small ports in Finland, Sweden, and Åland (Rauma, Gävle, Söderhamn, Kökar, Sottunga and other small ports nearby). A considerable part of the project budget and resources was devoted to the upgrade of investments – service houses, waste management solutions, drinking water, lighting, renewable energy by solar panels, etc, which is a valuable achievement that is used by boaters and other small port users today and during coming years.
The project also worked on resource efficiency in the small ports. As result, a practical guide on technology, purchasing & installation, and perfect small port within resource efficiency: best practices and sustainability were developed. In addition, guidance videos on resource efficiency solutions and installations were released. 

The resource efficiency was considered also as much as possible when upgrading investments in the small ports (using led lights, placing solar panels).
The project worked also on the most essential aspects of boaters' safety and produced series of videos, concerning the safe approach to the pilot ports, best practices when sailing and a collection of risky situations at sea. Safety equipment was upgraded in some project small ports.
Finally, throughout the duration of the project, PortMate collaborated with other Central Baltic and international projects, finding both a common background and possible synergies for future implementations.

This cross-border cooperation created an extended network, that was evident at the PortMate final conference, which collected the presence and presentations of many different projects and organizations.

All these efforts created the conditions for future developments of the PortMate core themes.
All achievements and other materials of PortMate are collected to a freely available browser-based ICT tool at .
The project results are compiled in English, Finnish, and Swedish.

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  • 19 ports with improved services - all concrete improvments listed here
  • Videos and guidance on port safety solutions in CB Portmate YouTube channel
  • Guidance on resource efficiency and safety in documents