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MOL promoted social inclusion of visually impaired young people

MOL project promoted the social inclusion of the visually impaired young people aged 18-25 in both Finland and Estonia. This project focused on increasing independence and empowerment of the target group in both countries by promoting their potential to study, work and live independently.
The project developed a new model for rehabilitation and services for the target group. Basis for the new model was created through pilots which were implemented for the target groups with a strong support from peers. The project involved 14 visually impaired young people to their workshops. During the workshops peer support and encouragement from peers was one of the most valued elements of the workshops. Participation in the workshops had a positive impact on young people behaviour and self-impression. They clearly got empowered and felt more confident to take part in new tasks.

The project experiences including the model for rehabilitation and services for the visually impaired young people is collected in guidebooks – “Näkövammaiset nuoret aktiivisina toimijoina” and “Minu enda elu”. The guides offer support and concrete advice for the visually impaired young people themselves, but also to those people that are part of their lives, for example parents, teachers or rehabilitation workers.

Näkövammaiset nuoret aktiivisina toimijoina:
Minu enda elu:

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  • New model for rehabilitation and services for visually impaired young people
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