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Marine/coastal area with improved management

MAREA developed a framework for mapping of marine ecosystem services

The MAREA project developed a framework for mapping of marine ecosystem services. Ecosystem services were modelled using a set of methodologies depending on the data availability and the service in question.
Ecosystem accounting models were further developed and applied in the project. This was a response to the need to develop ecosystem accounting both globally and on Europe’s level. Ecosystem accounting integrates economic sectors to the benefits that ecosystems provide.
A sustainability compass was developed during the project. It is a method and a tool for bottom-up social learning on sustainable practices in pursuit of prosperity and human well-being within ecosystems boundaries. The compass is targeted to companies operating in marine areas.
The project also developed subsections of the Geoportal (PlanWise4Blue): cumulative impact assessment tool, Sustainability compass tool and tools for customized socio-economic models. These are tailored to the Baltic Sea region's key actors/stakeholders. The geospatial portal is a user-friendly communication tool for decision-makers, allowing participation and continuous update of knowledge, data and analyses. The portal provides an indication of the best practices for improvement and alternative scenarios in support of joint decision-making.