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Urban area covered with integrated urban management

Live Baltic Campus - participatory methods for urban planning

For quite sometime, cities have taken steps to include all actors in their urban planning process. Planning according to this principle presents many advantages; those who operate in the area, know their needs best and usually have relevant ideas on how to fulfill them. But what are the best methods to involve them in the process? Live Baltic Campus tested many different ones whilst developing their five integrated urban plans in the university campus areas of Helsinki, Riga, Tartu, Turku, and Uppsala.

The plans were realised based on the outcomes of four Livable City Forums, and several local events organised by the project. The five campuses around which the integrated plans were developed are:

- Helsinki, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Myllypuro Campus
- Riga, University of Latvia, new campus in Tornakalns neighborhood
- Tartu, University of Tartu
- Turku, University of Turku
- Uppsala, Uppsala University

The plan designs, based on the insights and ideas streaming from the participatory processes tested in each pilot area, resulted in the production of a Development Ideas Book, and in the Dream and Seeds Design process manual.