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Aligned vocational education and training programme

iSEE project innovated social entrepreneurship education

The project iSEE focused on developing study course about social entrepreneurship. The project resulted in 12 ECTS course which is targeted for students, and finetuned for the needs of entrepreneurs.

To be able to create a need-based study course, the project collected information and data about social entrepreneurship from EU reports, and academic literature, and interviewed social enterprises and social enterprise organizations. Partners benchmarked social enterprises and ecosystem of social enterprises to create learning materials, to describe how they combine economic activities and social mission and how they define success. Lessons learned were put in practise during the intensive study week i.e., students from partner institutions (LAB University of Applied, University of Tartu, Riga Technical University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology) worked together with social entrepreneurship cases and topics and got familiar with the opportunities that social entrepreneurship could offer.

The developed course “Social Entrepreneurship and social impact” contains the following parts:

  • Sustainability in social enterprises
  • Social business Modeling
  • Global Ecosystem, Sectoral Ecosystems, Dynamic View
  • CSR and social entrepreneurship
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At a glance
  • a need-based social entrepreneurship course for students was developed
  • students from partner institutions in Finland, Latvia and Sweden worked together with social entrepreneurship cases and topics