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Introserv improved maritime safety in small ports

The main objective of the project was to raise the maritime safety in coastal areas and in small ports in Estonia and Finland by developing integrated maritime technical assistance service – Trossi Service. The idea of the Trossi Service is to provide free non-emergency maritime assistance for recreational boats in Estonian coastal waters in case of problems with the boat. Easier technical assistance will be provided on site and/or the vessel will be towed to the nearest port where repair assistance can be obtained. Advice will be provided on finding a vessel parking space and repair shop.

As a result of project the safety Trossi service certificate was created in Estonia and first 5 small Estonian ports were certified. The network of Trossi service was created between Estonian and Finnish ports and there is an aim to extend it across the Baltic Sea region.

Project improved conditions/rescue capacity/service level in 10 small ports which are Trossi coordination centres: Pärnu, Grand Holm Marina (in Haapsalu), Purtse, Hara (in Juminda) and Kaberneeme ports in Estonia, and Hanko, Kasnäs, Loviisa, Nauvo and Tammisaari in Finland.

Many other small ports in Estonia (there are about 200 small ports in Estonia) have shown up the interest to fulfill the Trossi requirements and to join the network to be in the same standard with other local and Finnish ports. 

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At a glance
  • Developed an integrated maritime technical assistance service (Trossi)
  • 5 Trossi-certified small ports
  • 10 small ports with improved conditions/rescue capacity/service level