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Improved small port

Innovative Service Points for Maritime Tourists were produced

The main objective of the project was to increase the service level of small ports in Stockholm and Finnish Archipelagos. The aim was to start providing better travel information also for tourist who visit islands without their own vessel but using public transportation and/or bicycles. Project equipped 13 small ports with digital screens to display tourist/travel information and timetables for public transport.

They built/installed 7 service buildings (Flexible Service Modules, FSM) that could be used both as a weather protection but also to help tourists with charge lockers, bike-service equipment and bag-lockers. FSM units and piers in harbours were equipped with digital screens that show visitor information such as public transport departures and arrivals, tourist maps and weather reports.
Project investments will attract more maritime visitors in the region.

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At a glance
  • Better travel information points for tourists with bicycles or using public transportation
  • Flexible Service Modules were built in 7 harbors
  • Digital screens were installed in 13 harbors