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Urban area covered with integrated urban management

HEAT resulted in four integrated urban plans

The HEAT project contributed to the planning of healthier, more active and inclusive urban areas in the Central Baltic region, in which biking is a safe, popular and acceptable mode of transport. 
The project developed integrated urban plans with participatory approach: city inhabitants and regional and municipal officials were brought together at the centre of urban planning by developing interactive workshops for consultations. The focus in the urban plans was light transport. In addition to positive environmental impact cycling and walking have, they also produce positive health impact. The health benefits were demonstrated with HEAT tool calculations produced in the project. Furthermore, several campaigns were held to promote the means of light transportation and their positive impact.
As the project result, four integrated urban plans were made. The Finnish one had elements contributing to updating the Regional Traffic System for Southwest Finland and the Estonian plan provided input for Tartu Light Traffic Master Plan. Furthermore, Children's Cycling Park concept was developed for Jurmala in Latvia and similarly, the Swedish Cyckelfrämjandet made a plan to increase children's cycling.

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  • The project developed four integrated urban plans with focus on the light transport.
  • The light transport has positive environmental impact but it also produces positive health impact which was demonstrated with HEAT tool calculations produced in the project.