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Reduced travel time of passengers

FinEst Link - fixed connection from Helsinki to Tallinn

FinEst link investigated whether it’s realistic to build a fixed link (tunnel) over the Gulf of Finland between Helsinki and Tallin. Upon project completion, the following results were produced:

  1. Technical concept of a railway tunnel (1435 mm gauge railway tunnel with two rail tunnels and service tunnel)
  2. Cost estimation for building the tunnel (13-20 billion euros)
  3. Estimates for demand volumes of passengers and freight (passangers in 2050. Without tunnel, 14 million, with tunnel 23 million)
  4. Cost-benefit analysis (B/C ratio is 0,45)
  5. Economic impact analysis (impact on GDB between +4000 – +6900)
  6. Planning objectives (daily commuting, travel chains, freight, environmental, safety and security, economic viability)
  7. Strategic positioning of the railway tunnel in the TEN-T policy framework (direct continuation of Rail Baltica)

A video explaining the feasibility study (results):

As an additional result of cooperation between Finnish and Estonian experts and officials, high level political cooperation was initiated as well. This is an important step for developing the idea further.

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At a glance
  • Fixed link between over the Gulf of Finland
  • From Helsinki to Tallinn in 30 minutes
  • Improved environmental sustainability