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ChangeMakers created eLearning materials on sustainable environment and environmental challenges

One of the most valuable and interesting achievements of the project was a functioning study module for upper secondary and vocational schools. The study module consists of high-quality eLearning materials on circular economy, cross-cultural teamwork and communication skills, innovation management, entrepreneurship, prototyping, market research and pitching.

Project created an open ePlatform for cross-border joint student companies on environmental challenges. The platform gives access to the eLearning materials with PowerPoints, word-files for teachers, and additional videos, as well as examples of created environmental challenges. The ePlatform supports students’ on how to become an entrepreneur, enhance one’s creative skills, self-competence as well as social intelligence.  

Additionally, the project established cooperation with the business sector around the Central Baltic area, which allowed the students to solve real-life environmental challenges. Student teams provided the business sector with working and inspirational solutions for their possible future use.

53 student teams were formed during the project implementation, each consisting of students from at least two participating countries - Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Åland. The activities that led up to ready student start-up simulations gave the students an opportunity to a multidimensional experience and boosted the student's experience on international joint teams.

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At a glance
  • developed a study module for upper secondary and vocational schools
  • created an ePlatform which is aimed at cross-border joint student companies on environmental challenges
  • cooperation with the business sector in the Central Baltic area was established
  • 53 international student teams were formed