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CB 4 GameCamps accelerated gaming start-ups

The project targeted to create 10 new cross-border companies in the gaming industry and contributing to solving common challenges in the CB region’s gaming industry. Identifying their common interests and needs for joint development and supporting the creation of joint cross-border companies and their further integration and cooperation and the networking and knowledge increase in CB region gaming sector.

By the end of the project 5 new cross-border start-ups were supported and several more cross-border teams still continued to develop their games and had potential to become new companies in the future.

In addition, the project has supported 15-20 existing new start-ups. They have been attending several events organised by the project and most importantly attended the Silicon Valley pitching trip in San Francisco in March 2019. This has resulted in new business opportunities and deal flow for the start-ups.

The Game Camps project brought together 240+ aspiring game developers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. More than 30 professional mentors have given presentations, lectures and mentoring sessions during the four Game Camps. Their involvement increased the participants knowledge about the gaming industry and improved their business skills. Hosting Game Camps for emerging start-ups and game developers proved to be an effective instrument to enable them to meet business developers. These were complemented with other activities offered to start-ups which gave a thematic ground for cross-border exchange and commitments.

One of the main results for the partner organizations, aside from meeting the objectives, was extensive experience and knowledge of challenges connected to internationalization and acceleration of start-ups within the gaming industry. Another would be that over 50 ideas were developed during these four bootcamp events (Tallinn, Riga, Kotka and Visby) and among them around 10-20 % have reached the gaming market.

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  • 5 new cross-border start-ups supported
  • 15-20 existing new start-ups supported
  • 240+ aspiring game developers in Game Camps
  • A flow of deals for start-ups