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Aligned vocational education and training programme

Become More Competitive improved landscape gardener vocational education programme in Latvia and Estonia

The project compared, supplemented and aligned with common up-to-date content an EQF level 4 landscape gardener vocational education programme in Latvia and Estonia. Close involvement of industry specialists ensured that the aligned training programme is practical and includes up-to-date methods. Project also elaborated educational materials in the volume of more than 30 ECTS for landscape gardening distance learning programme. To improve practical teaching process, a mini excavator and equipment for woodworking laboratory were purchased by project partners.

Teachers’ and industry stakeholders’ collaboration in educational materials development allowed to supplement educational content with the latest industry-oriented information. During the process of developing well-organised e-learning environment, teachers and educational institutions’ competence level in landscape gardening content increased, educational vision and goals were strengthened. In addition, the work on creating educational materials in Moodle environment enhanced teachers’ digital skills and supported ICT application in teaching process. Close cooperation with landscaping professionals also gave an opportunity to give feedback to industry on vocational education challenges and landscape gardener’s vocational standard.

Project has expressed that the cross-border collaboration was a big benefit and allowed project partners to share experience and insights, have common discussions and activities, personal contacts with industry representatives and new ideas. Project partners keep improving and implementing the landscape gardening curricula in Estonia and Latvia and have already made plans for future cooperation including with relevant organisations from other countries.

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At a glance
  • Landscape gardener vocational education advanced in Latvia and Estonia
  • Teachers and industry professionals collaborated
  • Cooperation will continue